Age support

A programme designed around you and your current abilities and goals. For 8 or 12 weeks, we will set out to help you understand what exactly it is to be doing more 'resistance' exercise as we age, and how this will look in your week to week schedule. You will have regular check ins and can choose to have a set number, or weekly face to face sessions to keep you on track and help you navigate a variety of exercises. Overall, you will acheive improved strength, muscle and joint function, and likely reduce your risk of falls and other age related illnesses. 

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For anyone feeling their fitness levels are low and want some specialised support and guidence to get to a more mobile fit and healthier version of yourself. Follow an 8 or 12 week plan, you can opt to just purchase a plan or have more regular sessions with a trainer to helt keep you on track. 

You will always have an initial consultation which will take about 1 hour to create a personalised plan,  with an additional call middle and end of your plan. These will not be for guided sessions but to check in with your progress and see if any adaptations need to be made.